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Prenuptial Agreements UK


Our prenuptial agreement consultation service by email and telephone is completely free of charge

If you do decide to go ahead and instruct us to deal with your prenuptial agreement we will be delighted to assist you and will give you our best estimate of what your costs are likely to be after we have assessed your individual requirements.

It is of course possible to "buy" a DIY pre-nuptial agreement but we do not recommend this. We are not in the business of selling cheap precedent agreements that do not take account of your individual circumstances. They will get you into more trouble than you know! It would be rather like buying a length of copper pipe and then expecting to be able to install all of your own central heating. It pays to pay a plumber!

There are many legal issues, some of which are discussed on this site, that can severely prejudice you in any divorce settlement if not properly and appropriately dealt with in your prenuptial agreement. UK law can be very harsh and arbitrary if you get things wrong. In fact, it can cost you 50% of everything to own PLUS a large chunk of your future life-time earnings. Furthermore, the Courts have no regard to the actual financial or economic climate in which the judgement is given and, in the current economic downturn, it could cost you the rest of your life to recover from an adverse financial settlement on divorce.

We always give you an estimate of the likely cost for the work when you decide to go ahead. This ensures that you get the services of a specialist family law firm in the City of London for a reasonable cost that you know in advance.

Do remember that our Pre-nuptial Agreement UK Consultation Service is completely free and you risk nothing at all by contacting us now to clarify your requirements and to discuss any particular questions or concerns you may have about prenuptial agreements and what kind of prenuptial agreement is relevant to your personal circumstances.