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Prenuptial Agreements UK

The prenuptial agreement UK web-site that tells you everything you need to know about having a prenuptial agreement, UK policy on pre-nuptial agreements, what benefits you will get from having a prenuptial agreement, UK case law involving prenuptial agreements and the current UK legal position on prenuptial agreements.


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Whatever your question or concern about prenuptial agreements and whether you think you need a prenuptial agreement please contact us in the strictest confidence for a completely free legal consultation and we will be pleased to discuss your individual needs and provide you with some free guidance on whether a prenuptial agreement would be in your best interest.

(NB: Given the current state of the law in the UK on prenuptial agreements and, in particular, the extent to which the Courts in the UK are prepared to enforce prenuptial agreements, we would strongly recommend that you do not rely on a standard online “cut-and-paste” agreement, although these are available from certain web-sites as cheap downloads.)

Given the many legal pitfalls affecting the validity of prenuptial agreements in the UK, we would advise that your prenuptial agreement should be individually prepared for you having close regard to your actual circumstances and wishes. It is highly likely that a DIY agreement will not protect your interests, nor be upheld by a court in the UK, in which case it will have been a complete waste of your time and money.

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